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Please read through this entirely - it may help answer some of your questions about the site. Please feel free to PM me for clarifications and additions.

Q. I went through the forum registration process, but I still can't post. Why not?
A. After a flury of spam-bots creating accounts on our site, we've had to institute a manual process whereby the administrator manually approve accounts. This may take a few days - please be patient.

Q. I'd like to sign up with the site as a dues paying member. What's the best way to do this?
A. Please visit for more info.

Q. What do I get as a dues paying member?
A. You'll receive access to the member's forums, access to display your cars in the Garage, the ability to create/change your avatar in the forums, and vote on the car of the month for the front page of the SCCoA.

Q. I signed up as a dues paying member, but still can't access the forums or other benefits. Why not?
A. For now, this is also a manual process. We are looking into automating the membership process, but for now, we have to manually enter your information into our database and approve everything. Please see the following thread to find out where we are with membership processing -

Please don't be offended if, instead of "answering your question", we request you stop here first to read through our FAQ. We get a lot of email every day and try to get through them as fast as possible.

We appreciate your patience and understanding! Enjoy the site!
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private messaging

Do you need to be a dues paying member to private message? I'm a registered user & unable to PM. Thank's