SCP comp cams stage 2 camshaft for sale SOLD


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Competition Cams Xtreme Energy 3.8L V6 SC Stage 2 Camshaft
A brand new performance camshaft from Comp Cams! No core required. NOT A REGRIND!

This Stage 2 cam is a billet 5160 steel design and is an awesome serious street/strip performance grind for the '89-95 SC/XR7.

RPM Operating Range: 1500-6000 RPM
Duration: Advertised Intake 265, Advertised Exhaust 281.
@ .050" Intake 210, @ .050" Exhaust 226
Valve Lift: Intake .500, Exhaust .500
Lobe Separation Angle: 114

Your stock retainers, keepers, and springs may be reused.

A custom chip may be needed with this cam to provide proper idle and maximum performance.

This is the cam I have for sale, its got less than 1000 miles on it. All information above is from SCP's website, as per specs. Excellent condition !!!!! Everything is smooth, not scratched, no nicks, etc.

I would like to see 225.00 shipped. Feel free to contact me for pics. 954-548-149six
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Wanted to add here that this cam is not to wild, but plenty of punch for sure.
The Cop-Tzr operated at 7.5 inches at idle, the Steig custom cam with solid motor mounts this made any girls dream ride, including mine.{ vibration}.
Save youself a buck 25 and buy this.


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Guys this cam is 379 on SCP website, 225 shipped for basically a new cam is not bad.
If you have any interest at all feel free to make me a offer :D
Worst that can happen is I say no :cool:


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Interested in any trades? If so what

Bro in all honesty I have more parts than anybody on this forum with 5 SC's here and 2 at another location :confused:
I cannot trade as I do not need any more cars/parts here, wife is about to kill me :eek:
Actually thinking of keeping some go fast goodies for my 95.
The COP-TZR needs nothing go fast, its got it all.
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