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Chris Manley
Telephone # 1-901-368-3121

Its a long one but I will make it relatively short.

Basically I sent him $3,000 overnight for parts because he needed the money right away(cost an extra $45).

It takes about two months to finally get the parts. When they arrive they are simply thrown in a box with no packing (got a lil dinged up and a vacumm nipple broke off but all is ok). A bracket for the Supercharger bought from him was also missing ($100 part). He stated he forgot to mail it and would do so later. Add another month he says it was finally mailed out yet got lost in the mail. He said if it doesnt show up he MAY be willing to pay for half. Well another month goes by and no bracket...Hes also conveniently not returning phone calls.

On top of that one part (an air fuel ratio gague) that was part of the $3,000 was never included. When asked about it he simply stated. I sold the car with it in it. I confirmed that it still was by asking the guy that bought it! I spend $3,045 bucks and he feels he needed to rip me off? not to mention jerking me around for months? I wont even go into the fact he offered me the IC for a certain price, I agreed an dthen he decieded to sell it for more..TO MY ROOMATE OF ALL PEOPLE!!!! (well he got ripped because I would have sold it to him for less I didnt need it actually)

SO this guy is definitely one to stay away from..I'm not the only one thast had to deal with him.


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* its 1-903-368-3121
which i call several times a week, leave voicemails, and get nothing back..


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Chris Manley
202 Scenic Dr.
Mabank, TX 75156

I noticed you asked for this in another thread.Well here it is.

He also has owed me a 3.55TL for 6 months now and just recently started ignoring my calls and voicemails.

But I am glad he made money off the 3.08 Trak-lok I gave him to trade for the 3.55TL.


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I tried calling to no avail, and just sent him an email regarding the "mid-length" headers I bought off him that turned out to be be modified stock Mustang headers. I'm hoping for a significant refund, as Wynn Carter used to sell these cleaned, painted, and modified for $125.