Silver Springs 20th Ford and Mustang Roundup 1/11/2014


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Silver Springs 2016

Hi, I'm not a Florida SuperCouper, but I am planning on driving my 1990 SC to the 2016 Silver Springs Ford show this weekend. The car is far from perfect, but its in good shape considering the previous owner used it as a daily driver.

I was wondering if any other SuperCoupers were planning on going this year ;)


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Sorry, something came up and I will not be able to make it to the Silver Springs show this year. I'm kind of bummed out, because I went to the show last year, but without my SC; looks like I won't be able to make it this year at all :(

The whole reason I was going was because my parent's were going to be taking their 1969 Mustang to the show and we were going to make it a family event (in which I would ride down in my SC), but the power steering in the Mustang went out last week. We already ordered the replacement part, but then our truck (which was going to tow the Mustang on a car hauler) had a transmission problem earlier today; and will be spending the next couple days in the shops.

I kinda feel silly now, making a general announcement that I'm coming to the Silver Springs show then (less than 24 hours later) saying I can't :eek:

But I will move Heaven and Earth to be sure I make it to the Silver Springs show next year :cool:


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Sorry to hear you won't be able to make the event. I will be there with ether my SC or 69 Cougar. I'm thrashing to get the latest project on the Cougar complete in time. If the Cougar isn't ready, then the SC will be there.