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Ok so I have a 94 sc that the balancer decided to snap into two now I am trying to save this car for it was my dad's before mine and we share a desire for these cars. But just wondering g on how to get the rest of the balancer out and the bolt that snapped in the crank


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If you pull the timing cover off you can probably get the rest of the balancer off with a puller if it won't slide. Removing the timing cover front seal might be enough room for you to get it out without removing the cover but if it was me I would fix the broken bolt first as the broken piece of balancer and front seal are keeping any potential pieces of metal out of the engine that you might make if you have to drill the bolt out. Broken balancers have happened here before and there are a few threads covering them that might help you some. Link

Sometimes you can get away with welding a nut/washer on the end of a broken bolt and backing it off but it depends on the welder and situation and I'm not sure I would want to do that to a crankshaft, also the extra heat from welding may harden the bolt further making it even worse to drill through if the welded nut breaks off. Making the broken end of the bolt flat and then center punch it and use a left handed drill and/or extractor might get it done for you.


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I drilled a center hole in my broken bolt then used a diamond shaped chisel to insert into the drilled hole Tapped it in with a hammer to get some grip then used a socket on the other end of the chisel to turn it out but it was terrifying to say the least but I also did mine with the motor out since there where alot of other issues I needed to tend to

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When this happened on a 93 SC years ago I used a dremel with a carbide bit to drill into the bolt. Then hammered a reverse thread drill bit into the hole drilled and unthreaded it out. Honestly the bolt was finger tight at that point.

The broken hub some have removed with taking off the cover or drilling into it and threading screws on either side and using a puller tool to remove.

Not fun but not impossible just be patient.



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Damn, a few years back I was driving my 95 sc and the entire harmonic balancer broke off while I was driving @30-35 mph. I ripped the motor out and had the bolt balancer bolt drilled out of the crankshaft by a machine shop, but I could never get the car to run again, I think the balancer breaking @30-35mph caused catastrophic damage to the internals. I hope yours works out ok