SOLD: Lightly used Screamin' Demon Coil Pack


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This coil pack was used for one season, maybe 2,000 miles max. But when I decided to dump the Denso Iridium plugs and stick with copper Autolite's I decided to put my good used OEM coil pack back on the car. Well, when lowering the DS accessory bracket during an engine removal, with everything attached, the accessory bracket turned on me and the Demon coil touched down on the front stabilizer bar, thus snapping off one of the composite plug boot keepers. Anyhow, original pics of this can be found on post #23 in the link below. Newly added pics in this here thread show that I have glued back on the piece (I am very pleased with how strong the bond is). I then wrapped insulated electrical tape around the base as a precaution. Not to try and keep the part intact because it is securely glued now, but more to suppress any voltage creep. In all honesty I don't even know if voltage creep would occur since electricity should follow the surest path which is right up to the plug wire, but then again I do not claim to be an electrician. I'd like $45 shipped for this nearly new piece. So, basically, it would be almost like you'd be getting a $90 part for $35. PM me if interested. Maybe I should knock off a couple more bucks from the price for making you read all of this before getting to the asking price? :D


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