SOLD: LOW mileage Driver's side accessory bracket with PS pump/pulley/reservoir etc.


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I was digging around my workshop and found this in one of my cabinets. It is from a 1990 SC that I bought a while ago. The engine this came off had 30,000 miles on it according to the seller. Since the engine was out of the car, I replaced the head gaskets, and after seeing the bottom end, I believe his statement. Anyhow, for sale is the driver side accessory bracket with power steering pump, pulley, reservoir with cap/level stick, as well as the brackets to water pump and alternator which are still left on there. $70 + shipping. I'll ship UPS from 55371 so figure 25lbs with box dimensions of 18"x12"x12" when YOU figure the shipping cost for your area. (I'll be verifying the cost before shipping) This would make for an easy PS pump swap as it saves you the hassle of loaning the removal tool from a parts store.

Because it is difficult for me to say whomever gets me the $$ first gets the part (due to the unknown shipping cost), I am okay if people want to call dibs IF they indeed are serious. I'll work with the first person until it is sold or they flake out and change their mind. hehe :)


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That sucks you should of put a better starting price, ebay is all about getting lucky.


Yeah, I haven't gotten burned with a low starting price before. It's all about demand and there wasn't much demand for it. Oh, well, I have gotten cheap stuff off ebay myself, so I guess it all works out.