Some stock and aftermarket parts

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Selling all my super coupe stuff. Trying to be reasonable on prices, but don’t really know what some of this stuff is worth. If you think I’m way off, just shoot me an offer. Would cut someone a great deal to pick everything up in person so I don’t have to hassle with shipping. Also have a stripped down 91 sc for free, and a 93 lx ill throw in free if you buy everything. That one even ran when parked.

All prices for parts, not including shipping or paypal fees.

-stock heads
-stock intake, IC tubes, intake plenum, early model blower case – make offer, will scrap after long
-stock top hat, steering wheel centers, washer fluid tank, tstat housing, chiltons manual, stock radiator fan, brake computer or EEC? owners manual – make offer, not sure if any of that stuff works, will scrap after long
-stock power steering pump and bracket, bracket has been cut at support – make offer, will scrap after long
-hitch (wont clear stock SC bumper cover without modification, but pulled off an LX in the junk yard) - $35 - REDUCED $20 SOLD
-set of 4 mudflaps (with a mismatched 5th one free of charge…) $30 - REDUCED $20 SOLD
-airbox that really doesn’t fit a supercoupe, think its for a foxbody. Make offer, I’ll trash it after long
-aluminum alternator pulley – underdrive maybe? SW1004 spinning wheels part number- you can have the alternator its attached to, not sure if it works - $35 SOLD
-ABS module, can hear it clicking, but not sure if it works, as it didn’t fix my brake problem (Think I have 12V at the pump, but cant hear it run and the pedal is hard). So it probably works, but I cant confirm.- make offer
-pressure testing plates I made to make DIC. Make offer, will scrap after long. Happy to throw them in free with anything else if someone wants them. SOLD

-Double IC. I built this, pressure tested, and ran on my car for a while without issue. Fan is basically new - $200 - REDUCED $175 SOLD
-cheap ebay IC fan, never used.- $20 - REDUCED $15
-145 speedo. Just the gauge or the whole cluster - $100 - REDUCED $60 SOLD
-C&L 73mm MAF housing with silver sample tube (for 42# injectors) - $75
-professional products 75mm Throttle Body - $75 SOLD
-42# (green) ford racing injectors set of 6, will need fresh caps - $50 - REDUCED $40 SOLD
-MP high top SC hat - $150 - REDUCED $125 SOLD
-MPII (I think, its essentially a ported late model blower) and inlet. Think it has a 5 or 10% UD pulley - $550 SOLD
-cervinis ram air hood (wind took it and tore it up. I repaired with fiberglass resin, but I wouldn’t run any of these fiber glass hoods without hood pins. The hood mounts aren’t perfect, can send more pics though. -$200 - REDUCED $175
-ESM ported late model blower, has GTP coated rotor pack (coating isn’t very new though) - $100 SOLD


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Maybe I should drive to your place and bring a trailer.

I might want that Cervini hood. No time to read whole post. You got a lot of SC goodies.

Ooh, I could trace and make copies of the mudflaps. Then id have a set for all 3 of my cars


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Fyi to those interested. Those horn streeing wheel center inserts are good. NPD is selling Supercoupe steering wheels but they dont have those center pieces. Just an FYI


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How much would shipping be for the raised top? Also possibly a combined price with shipping for the raised top, c&l maf housing and throttle body? Shipping to Ohio, thank you! -Jeff

David R.

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How much would shipping be for the raised top? Also possibly a combined price with shipping for the raised top, c&l maf housing and throttle body? Shipping to Ohio, thank you! -Jeff

I apologize for the delay, I got caught in a last minute work trip. Can you give me a zip code? I can't seem to send you a PM, are you able to send me one?