Spinning wheels aluminum power steering pulley


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I bought this Spinning Wheels aluminum power steering pulley earlier this year. But it turns out it weighs as much as the stock steel pulley, so it's better suited for someone who cares more about how it looks than how much it weighs. Not a thing wrong with it and it's never been installed.

It's a nice piece, but I'd rather do something else with the money. I paid $160; how about $140 shipped (continental US, more to Hawaii/Alaska/Canada)?



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I want it, but I'm between jobs at the moment. If it's still available in a month or so and I'm bringing in money again, I'll buy it.

I may try to sell some of my extra MN12 parts I have that I don't need on any of my SCs.


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Haven't sold it yet. If I do I'll update the thread, but if you don't see me do that, assume it's still available.