Start of engine rebuild project: Thumper


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Found coolant in "Thumper's" oil just now. Since I'm planning on her being my summer driver, I will be pulling the engine and putting the engine on a stand so I can tear it down for a rebuild.

Thumper is a low mile SC that has a fresh trans rebuild and was oid man owned prior to me (ok, i am kinda old too).

Anyways the plan:

Send heads out for recon
Select a performance cam and lifters (recommendations accepted)
Felpro head gaskets and ARP studs
Stock bottom end based on inspection.
Maybe a SC pulley upgrade.

Anyways, here goes.

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Good looking ride. Growing up in Eugene I know that finding rust free, moss free cars can be difficult. This one looks like it might have been garage kept. Look forward to seeing photos of your build.
Nice looking SC!

If you have a low-mile block and the headgasket problem surfaced recently and wasn't run long, I wouldn't worry about the shortblock. Have the heads checked for cracks/warpage, have them milled if you want, clean everything up and reassemble with a new Felpro gasket set. Even the most iffy of (3) SC headgasket failures / repairs have turned out well for me.

Nothing wrong with doing the whole engine either though, if that's the peace of mind you want.
I offer a performance cam kit that is drop in for a stockish build like that Email me for details if interested. If sending out the heads, consider sending them to me also for bigger valves and some other basic upgrades.

Stock these cars make about 190rwhp.

With a simple cam upgrade that will become about 220rwhp.

With minor work to the heads and the cam upgrade that can easily become 240=250rwhp. At this point a 94-5 supercharger and a pulley upgrade will get you into the 260-280rwhp range.

Anything above 225rwhp or there about will require upgraded fuel system (fuel pump, injectors, MAF and chip).

All of the above power levels will be achievable without significantly altering drivability or fuel efficiency.