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I have done many deals on many forums, both buying and selling, and have never had any problems. I bought a timing cover from midnight89sc. he shipped it bare, in a box, without any packing material. By the time it got to me it had torn itself through the box and received some damage. In addition, there were so many deep grooves on it from the oil pump lobes that it couldn't be used.

I had previously asked for the oil pump bolts as well. There are 5 of them (3 10mm and 2 8mm). midnight89sc wanted over 20 dollars for these, and wanted 3% to cover paypal in addition to that.

I had also dealt with him for the driver's side and passenger side accessory brackets off the engine. He wanted 215 dollars shipped.

His prices are outrageous, slipping is slow, unwilling to compromise and just bad to deal with.