Sunroof Seal and Installation Information


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Webasto order desk: 800-860-7866
Part no: S1590-E-5010C-A (as of January 2002), Starlite-6 Gasket Assembly
(Old Part no: S1286-D5010A)
Price: about $40

Loctite 380 "Black Max" instant adhesive, P/N 38050 (Factory Ford)
Permatex also makes an adhesive specifically for weatherstripping, "Super Weatherstrip Adhesive".

The glass is removed by taking out the screws on both sides that you can see when the glass is up. Old seal must be removed and metal around glass cleaned thoroughly before applying the above adhesives and new seal. As you put the new seal on, be sure not to stretch the material. One trick is to be sure and cut the new seal a little too long so that you have to force it together where the ends meet. The new seal will shrink a little and leave a gap, if this is not done. Also, the factory lets the ends meet centered on the passenger side of the glass, not in the back. I'm not sure why, but this seems to work best. With a little patience, I'm sure you will have no trouble getting yours fixed up.

It will take a while to get the glass adjusted correctly in the opening. You can mark the position when you take out the glass and that should get you close for putting it back.

The best seal was the "felt" like one from the factory, but I believe you can only get the soft rubbers ones now. Webasto made the original sunroof (assuming yours is the stocker) for the car. I think that Webasto order line is the only place you can get one anymore. I do not think Ford sells it.

(Compiled from several contributors. 10/30/02)


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Just wanted to give an update...I just ordered a seal today from Webasto. The part number information was correct (under new part number), but the price was only $21.40 plus shipping. I was happy!


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Even Better!

I ordered one yesterday for only $15.15 USD, plus they had a tech diagram for the Star Lite IV sunroof, so I can get any part for it, simply COOL! The website for the tech stuff was and includes all part#'s. Hopefully no more water or ratling for any of us coupe owners! All the sites and links from sccoa were very useful. They even shipped it to Canada for me!


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No longer available from Webasto

Webasto gave away 20 of these as freebies recently, depleting the last of their stock. They asked me to post a notice that they no longer have these available, free or for sale. The following is my email exchange with them.


Hello Jim,

The seals are out of service, which means Ford Motor Company will no longer purchase the seals, and our seal supplier no longer has the tools to make the parts. This is standard procedure for all parts on a vehicle and normally occurs 10 years after the vehicle goes out of production. Auto manufacturers order a supply of service parts that they believe will last through the life cycle of the vehicle, and we have discovered that there are still Ford dealerships that have these Thunderbird seals in stock. We are legally not allowed to sell service parts to the public, and since we found a box of the seals tucked away in our warehouse that Ford had not purchased from us, and we legally can't sell them, for the first time ever we decided to offer them free of charge to the first lucky people that requested them.

Since this was posted on a car club website, of course our 20 seals were given away within 2 weeks. Now we want to avoid having more Thunderbird enthusiasts continue to see the posting (which we hope stated that we had a limited number of the seals available) and have to disappoint them. We also received emails from club members requesting 2 and 3 seals apiece, and of course due to our limited supply we are only supplying one per customer. Please let us know if you have any more questions, and thank you again.

The Webasto Team

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From: Jim Slipe
Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2005 8:04 PM
To: OEHotline
Subject: RE: Replacement Moonroof Seal

Will you have them for sale or are you not planning to replenish your inventory?

OEHotline <> wrote:

Dear Jim,

As one of the first recipients of the free Thunderbird sunroof seals, we were hoping you could please do us a favor. Our supply of these seals has been exhausted, and we could use your help to post a message on your Car Club website so people will know that we don't have any more seals to give away. As of today all have been claimed and we will be mailing our last 8 seals out tomorrow. We are glad we were able to help so many in your club. Please let us know if you will be able to do this so we don't have to disappoint anyone in the future.

Thank you,
The Webasto Team


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Update to seal

I just ordered & received a new seal using the posted p/n and it arrived looking just like the factory seal, felt included.