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Recently my super coupe was in a hit and run. It tore up the passenger fender pretty good. Driver fender was damaged but I'm going to try and pop it out. Passenger fender is too far gone. I've called around junkyards everywhere within a 50 mile radius and none even have a thunderbird at all to get parts off of. I've done some looking around Facebook marketplace and found a few thunderbirds I could use. I'm currently looking at one but it's a 1996 thunderbird lx. My question is will the 1996 lx fenders fit right on a 1990 super coupe like mine? If it won't my next question would be is there anyone in Tampa, Florida area that has a fender that would work? I'm not worried about the color as I'm already prepared to repaint the fender to match. BUT if you have a SILVER super coupe passenger fender I would be very interested in purchasing it. Just want my most prized possession looking like herself again


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The fenders are mostly the same. The 96/97 fenders have 4 holes where the body side cladding clipped in, so if using 96/97 fenders on an 89-95, you will have to weld those up and do some minor body work.