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User Name: Bill Evanoff
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I've been buying parts from Bill since 1997, and have sent him thousands of my hard earned cash. Receiving 110% satisfaction on all my orders.
Thanks Bill,
Ken Pisani


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User Name: Bill Evanoff
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I just completed the purchase and installation of Bill's 8.8" differential master re-build kit plus 3.27:1 ring & pinion gears plus new matching speedo gear. The purchase experience was excellent, shipping was very quick, and the installation of the parts went perfectly smoothly this week. My mechanic was grateful to me for bringing him "quality parts" to install. He was pleased too.

Thanks, Bill!

Jon Roe
Herndon, VA


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I agree!
I've bought a few items from Bill in the last 6 years and have never had a problem.

Stand up guy!



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I couldn't agree more. I have purchased a few things from Bill. Every time has been a great experience. He sells quality stuff, and is a great guy. Thanks Bill!

Randy Daugherty


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well i just had my first online buying experience thru SCP, went very smooth, bill seemed like a very nice guy. Parts were recieved in perfect condition over night. wish everything was that easy.



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I agree w/ everyone here. I bought a stage III clutch and aluminum flywheel from him and it was nothing but fantastic. I plan on get just about all of my parts from him.:D


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User Name: Bill Evanoff
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just got my headers and many other goodies, very pleased with the quality of everything, right down to the snug and safe packing!


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SuperCoupe Performance

Called Bill yesterday at around 4pm or so saying I needed some things by Friday...Dammed if I wasnt shocked they were at my door when I got home the very next day!

Two thumbs up!


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Bill Evanoff

Bill Evanoff at Super Coupe Performance

A post for a guy who has supported our SC community for a long time.

Bill recently helped me out with some used older leather material to repair my 89 SC seats.

I have bought other items from Bill over the past couple of years including rear polyurethane spring cups and front shock top mounts.
He has always shipped fast and packed well.


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Yeah i agree with every one bill is a good guy, was very help full when i had to send my ABS to get fix, Thanks to SIA electronics to very nice and help full.


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I agree with all the posts.... Just bought a SPEC Stage 1 Clutch Kit for my 89..... Works like a dream!!!


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Bill at Supercoupeperformance

I have purchased from Bill in the past (and will again) and have even called / emailed to discuss ideas and ask for insight on my SC. Bill has always been a great guy to work with and I trust that he and SCP will be around for many years to come.


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I too have bought from Bill. He is a man of his word. I am lucky enough to live within a couple hours from SCP and I have actually met Bill.


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I also recently made a purchase with Bill needing a blend door actuator for my 91....The part was exactly as advertised and was packed well.Shipment was on time(even earlier than expected)...I also made a phone call to another vendor from the site concerning the same item and I'm still waiting for a return call with availability...I will definitely do business with Bill again!!!


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Bill evanoff

I also agree. Ordered some spark plug wires on thursday of last week and received parts on tuesday of this week. nothing but good things to say about Bill. Will do business with him as long as ive got my XR7 and that will be for a long time coming. Thanks Bill

Bill Evanoff

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Thank you for all the positive comments. I see the original one goes back to 2004.

I appreciate all the orders over the years and look forward to continuing to serve this fantastic community for a long time to come!


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I too have bought several items from Bill and always had a proper business transaction with him.
Seems I may have to buy more stuff too because of my present problem:(,


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I also just placed an order through scp and spoke to Bill, seemed like a very strait up guy and even sent my package priority because I told him I was going on vacation...
They also have a GREAT DEAL on a 75mm throttle body rite now, summer special.. if you need one nows the time..