Super Coupe Performance - Rear Tbird/Cougar Cast Iron Lower Control Arm UHMW Bushings

Bill Evanoff

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Super Coupe Performance has been offering our very popular UHMW bushings for years for the Lincoln rear aluminum lower control arms but its about time to offer the same for the Tbird/Cougar cast iron arms. UHMW material is a type of plastic that has great attributes for use as suspension bushings. It is stiffer than polyurethane but slightly less so than Delrin. Does not squeak in cold weather! Has great wear-ability but very low resistance characteristics. This kit includes both the front and rear bushings, inner sleeves, and washers for both sides. Our design retains the adjacent Toe Compensator.

Typical pricing on the currently available Lincoln Rear Bushings is $155.99 per side or $311.98 for both sides.

As a group buy SCP can offer the following pricing depending upon volume:

10 sets....$225 shipped for both sides.

15 sets....$215 shipped for both sides.

20+ sets....$205 shipped for both sides.

Shipping is assumed to be within the 48 lower US states. We can ship elsewhere at fair and customary rates likely using the US Post Office Priority Mail. Delivery once a quantity has been decided upon should be approx. 6 weeks or less.

As an option, customers may add our UHMW Knuckle Bushing Kit and/or our UHMW Rear Subframe Bushing Kit at a discounted price also. Based upon how many people decide to take advantage of that option will dictate the price. Our normal pricing on the Knuckle Bush set is $339.99 and the Subframe Bush kit is $429.99

If anyone has any questions please call Bill at 513-697-6501
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Bill Evanoff

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Wow, nothing but crickets chirping in here. So, no interest. No problem.

I guess everyone who is doing a performance build wants the Lincoln Mark VIII rear lower control arms and Super Coupe Performance already has that application covered with premium UHMW bushings already...SEE THIS LINK

SCP also has the outer knuckle/spindle bushings in the premium UHMW bushings also ....SEE THIS LINK.

We keep these bushings IN STOCK for quick shipping.