Supercharger porting/powdercoating Rotor recoating


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Hey i just joined to see if anyone is interested in m90 porting/powdercoating or having their rotors re coated. I have done countless m90's and people have been very satisfied with my results.

Also here is some pics of my work:








Rotor re coating $80
Re coating w/ bearing and standard seal replacement $150, upgraded seals $50 more.
Porting work on m90 starting at $100 for outlet machining, combine inlet porting $200.
M90 rebuilding services offered as well, ask about special pricing w/ combo deal.
Powdercoating services offered, depends on piece, starting at $50.

Any questions just contact me and we will work out pricing!

All prices do not include shipping, you will be responsible for shipping to and from me. Thanks!
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Orlando, FL. Customers normally ship me their blowers via UPS. My prices vary on how much work you have done i usually give discounts the more you get done at once. You will have to PM or email me for the work you want done and we will go from there.



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I'd reccomend taking a look at an S ported 94-95 and earlier ported 89-93 SC M90. Although the outlets may be sim the inlets require different attention than what yoru used to.

Also how do you recoat the rotors?



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Im aware that the inlets are different, im in the works with that. I use an epoxy powder coat that is superior to the factory coated gtp rotors. I have done dozens on the gm ones and generally see a 1.5psi increase.


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Im in the works with a member on here for porting to gauge prices, depends on the amount of time it takes to port them. For the coated rotors though, it would be the same amount of work so rotors are $80.

Thanks and if interested just email me.


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What would be the normal turn around on the rotors , if your not backed up.... would it be OK to get a signature on the received item if i ship it UPS , just so i know you have it, and its not lost lol ? I need a few items powder coated over time as I rebuild my sc , and your work looks great ....


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If i receive the rotors around 5pm (generally when ups man comes), i can have them ready for shipment by around the same time the next day.

Ups requires signatures on all packages, so you will know when its delivered. Trust me, i send ALOT of stuff in the mail.

Thanks for the nice comments!!


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Are the GTP rotors also teflon coated from the factory like the SC Eaton M90? Do you remove the rotors and coat them then re-assemble?


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The gtp rotors are coated from the factory with epoxy paint. I disassemble the rotor pack, strip the coating, blast the rotors, apply my epoxy powdercoat. I then inspect the bearings and seals (usually good) and re assemble and then time the rotors with precision measuring setup.


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I have a 94 M90 with peeling/chipping rotors
Send the M90 and plenum to you...

Port the M90(plenum too?)
Powder coat both, bright red?
Recoat rotors.
Check/reseal, bearings, coupler?

Total price?

Will also send the 10% pulley I have for the rebuild.

Shoot me a PM