Supercharger porting/powdercoating Rotor recoating


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I took mt M90 case in to a local shop for polishing, and I covered the rotors very well. What I didn't do is cover the gear side of the rotor pack. So, the polishing guy was not careful at all and my rotor pack came back with polishing compound all but seizing the rotors. Not good.

I sent the rotor pack, and case to Logan for him to fix it up. PTFE seals, etc.
I rebuilt the snout myself, and have not re-installed the snout to the case. Im just waiting on warmer weather to install the M90 and spin it up.

First thing you will notice is the silencer holes are filled. Logan assured me he has never had an issue, as he is very careful to prep the surfaces first to make sure that it will not come apart.

Once the warmer weather hits, I'll post a review. I'll first install with the factory sized pulley, then a 2.8" pulley. Here's a few pics of Logan's handiwork. Definitely some labor went in to this.

Dono, take a read on this thread and contact Logan to get your rotors fixed.
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Thanks for posting this. Its appreciated.

Logan did track me down over at explorerforums and sent me a pm that he needs the rotor pack back. It was nice to see he went to the effort of pro acting rather than ignoring the issue. Lots of guys would probably have stuck their heads in the sand and hoped no one would contact them. Says a lot for Logan, in my opinion.

I have a spare M90, so I will be pulling this one off to send the rotor pack to him for correction when I do a test fit for my air/water intercooler.

I was nether impressed, or uninpressed with my rotor pack rebuild as I didn't really notice any difference in boost. I'm hoping that having this correction done to the rotors turns me in to 'impressed'.


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I just browsed that quickly this morning. Is that the same person who ran the blower, but had odd boost levels that stayed at about 7 psi until 3,000 rpm or so, and then shot way up?

Yes, that is/was me. Logan said he is sending me a new rotor pack. He hasn't answered my texts the past couple days so hopefully he stands behind his word.


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Yes, that is/was me. Logan said he is sending me a new rotor pack. He hasn't answered my texts the past couple days so hopefully he stands behind his word.

Yes i admit this is a screw up on my part, the best i can do at this point is to fix it. Thanks for understanding!



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I can see it happening quite easily.

I'm just glad the cause was found. That was sort of a stumper!


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I have not dealt with you or your work but stepping up and making things right says alot for you! I applaud you for taking the time to make it all better!
We all learn from this.

S/Mazza, I agree this seems like it could be done quite easily.
NOW that it has been identified it will keep the rest of us on track in the future and be on the look our when we see a blower that has been "rebuilt".

Great people on this site!


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Finishing up Tom's supercharger right now, looking to get into some more work! Lmk what you need i will get you a quote! Thanks!



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To whoever is looking to have Logan do "service" to their supercharger, i suggest you look elsewhere.


I have to second that, after over 2 months of checking everything else it has came down to the supercharger is not in good operating condition, the rebuild was botched and even the 2nd rotor pack was out of time and had metal shavings all over/in it and the webbing arounf the gears was all ground down.

the first rotor pack had the rotors on the wrong shafts:mad:


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Hey i just joined to see if anyone is interested in m90 porting/powdercoating or having their rotors re coated. I have done countless m90's and people have been very satisfied with my results.

Also here is some pics of my work:








Rotor re coating $80
Re coating w/ bearing and standard seal replacement $150, upgraded seals $50 more.
Porting work on m90 starting at $100 for outlet machining, combine inlet porting $200.
M90 rebuilding services offered as well, ask about special pricing w/ combo deal.
Powdercoating services offered, depends on piece, starting at $50.

Any questions just contact me and we will work out pricing!

All prices do not include shipping, you will be responsible for shipping to and from me. Thanks!
I know this post is pretty old but do you still rebuild rotor packs/recoat