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WORST SELLER you can encounter

1st of all im never the type to say anything about anyone and i usually try to work things out no matter what but after so much trying to work things out this got to the point where i have no respect for this guy
LUCKILY i sent payment on paypal and not as gift.

DO NOT BUY off this guy

bought a rear end from this guy
took a month saying he would ship after excuse and excuse
then he says he was just going to issue a refund anyways... so made me wait a month over something when he could have said you know what heres your money back after a day or two and say i dont have time and i dont wanna make you wait. but no he kept saying bad wether bad timing this that all BS imo Forget this guy its people like this that make others not want to buy parts on here
getting my money back because i filed a paypal dispute since he had not replied in a week after so long
dont buy anything off this guy he said he is busy with life

so apparently has no time to be shipping parts but he does have time to take payments

and if anyone is wondering how true this is i can screen shot the whole process of this sometimes you try to be nice and wait for sellers and understand the fact life gets in the way but sometimes people are retarded out of their mind

i paid feb 21st
waited until today
and according to paypal i gotta wait for my money until the case clears so as of now im waiting for my money.