SWAP KIT: Mark VIII Dash and Door Panel (into an SC) FOR SALE


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This is an old picture, but is the actual car/dash that I’d like to sell. The dash and door panels are from a 93-95 Lincoln Mark VIII that Jeff Bratton retrofitted to his 89 Thunderbird SC. I helped him on a few things here and there back in the early 2010’s with the swap, but the vast majority of the work was his. I ended up buying the car from him a few years ago as a collection of parts. The kit is not installed right now and is dusty from several years of in-garage storage.
It’s a major project to swap this into a Thunderbird or Cougar, but the vast majority of the work is done already with this “kit”. This is 1 of 4 “kits” like this that I know of. Another member did this years ago, then Jeff’s, then one I did for my wife’s car, and David Clark’s (which I also engineered / wired / installed).
If interested, let me know! I‘m not opposed to HELPING someone install this in their car, but life is busy right now, so I’d prefer to be a resource only. A TON of work went into making these dashes work…hope someone else can appreciate this one!
Included will be: complete, wired dash, MK8 door panels, center console, the custom steering column (wih 95 SC steering wheel) and lots of other stuff. I have notes and the like that I can share too. If you have an 89 SC, the wiring is almost plug-and-play, but some modifications are required for mounts and especially the door panel skins, if you want to use those as well.
This complete interior is also available, if interested. If you can pick it up in Southern IN, I can promise you’ll leave with plenty of extra / bonus stuff!

I'm cleaning the garage out - lots of other SC parts are available!

I thinking $500 for the parts listed above.


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