Switch Panel in Ashtray Pics.


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Todays project. It was fun. First switch from left is for intercooler fan, just put in tonight. Second switch is for my intercooler sprayer. :p I took out one of the windshield wiper sprayers made a small opening in the intercooler boot at the top and stuck the sprayer in the opening. I plan on using alcohol per Damon's advice. I'm so damn innovative I can barely stand it!..................
.........................................................................................................when it comes to thinking up useless mods I'm your man :rolleyes: :p
My next project, an electric powered alternator! Going to put a motor on it instead of it being belt driven. :eek: :p :D


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This is my new ride by the way. Ditched the 90 Auto and picked up a titanium 1991 5-speed. :D Needs work and some TLC. Anyway, here's the switch panel pic.


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I Want One!?

Thats a quite attractive piece in the ashtray. Where did you get it? How much was it... That would look awesome in my grey interior. And its better, well easier than my idea.

I wanted to cut out and run another "ridecontrol" switch just above the other switches for a sub on/off, and then hide a switch under the driverside somewhere for fuel cutoff. But if i could get one of those multi-plates, that would be awesome.


ps it looks really good
I made it. The one thing I wish I would've done different is I wish I would've put the switches going at an angle towards the driver. Thanks for the compliments. :D Man, I need to paint underneath that console. That rust looks like crap :eek: :rolleyes:
Sweet set up dude. I'll keep that in mind for my 89. In my case that same one would go good b/c i have the silver buttons (AC unit, radio, etc), but since i see that you have the black ones it would have been cool to paint it flat black. its awesome nonetheless. I think i would do a half one though...b/c i use the ashtray for coins too. Where did u get the metal sheet?
Looks good...

Here's what I did. I really miss having access to a machine shop and photo lab at my previous job.


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is the tray still under there? Whats the panel mounted to? I have all my nitrous switches in the VIN pannel above the radio ( arm, purge, and heater) but i might want to hide them.
fastsc92 said:
is the tray still under there? Whats the panel mounted to? I have all my nitrous switches in the VIN pannel above the radio ( arm, purge, and heater) but i might want to hide them.
The ashtray is long gone. Nobody smokes in my car, period. I drilled 2 small holes in the plastic and then lightly screwed the allen-head screws through the panel and into the plastic. I did have to cut out some of the sound deadening material under the carpet to give myself a little more room for the wiring. I also ran all of the stiches through relays that are mounted in front of the battery.
89_Red_Xr7 said:
thats a way nice switch panel you have there!
what did you use to do the lettering?


The lettering was actually printed on photographic, sticky backed, .015" or .030" thick aluminum. At my previous job, we made electronic test equipment and breakout boxes. We had to label everything. Anyway, the photographic aluminum came in standard sized sheets, if the artwork/graphics didn't fill the whole sheet, the extra area was wasted. I just used some of the extra space.

I also drew the part in Pro-E and cut the part our on the CNC mill :)
Just out of curiosity...is that Trans button for a fan in the trans cooler? Also, what do u use the 'aux' button for?
The Trans Switch is for my trans cooler. The AUX switch is used for my OD delete on my Lentech VB. I'm currently not using the Rad switch, since the fan comes on at a cooler temperature because of my chip.
Guys....im really in need of one of these ashtray switch pannels. Is there anybody selling theirs? Can anybody make them? Im doing a rebuild on my 89 but im hooking up several things too...and i need switches and a place to put them. I could make my own panel but i would need a good amount of time to do it and i rather spend the time on the rebuild. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! I would need one with 4 rectangular switch cut outs like the ones you guys show...and i have a round toggle switch for switching banks for my A/F gauge.