thinking about selling my SC

southwestman sc

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Its a 1990 SC with 5spd. black w/ black leather
rebuilt engine with 70 000kms, new supercharger with costom high flow
top. new alt., new 3 core rad, new brakes.
This car is very good mechanically, the interior is in very good shape,
and the outside looks good too, but could use a new paint job due to some rust starting. only a second owner car. I have owned it for nine years.
if theres any interest I'll post some pics next weekend.


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I would't mind some pic, but is this a US or Ont. car?? can't bring the 90 up here from the states yet, I believe.


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also wouldn't mind a couple of pics

please do post a couple of pics so we can see what shape this bird is in. also how many km's are on the car in total? thanx