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User Name: ebay name is kyliefirst
real name:Thomas Gravel(I know he's here but don't know his sccoa name)
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Comments: Well as you all know I won this auction

I recieved the first one and it was just as described, well kinda, it was a rebuilt one from magasiun. But it was like brand new, I was very satisfied.

I recieved the second one today, and all I can say is either he messed up and sent the wrong one, or he just straight up lied. It wasn't the one pictured in the auction had the top ports sealed up with expoxy, and the teflon coating looked like it was used to pump gravel. and on the side where the auction shows stickers this one has a tag rivited to it, and serial numbers and stuff are all scratched out.

I am currently working thru ebay on a resolution, but wanted to give you guys a heads up.

If he did send the wrong one I will get back to you guys immediatly.

I got ahold of him and he said he had took a picture of the same one twice, he thought the other was the same but when he went and picked it up it wasnt. But in the end he made it right, and I ended up being satisfied, well will be anyways soon as the deal is finalized.
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bad sellers

I wonder if this guy is the same one but just changing his e-mail nane and it seams the bay guy is in OHIO..........READ THE OTHER POSTS........... FAST FREDDIE............:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


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Nope this is a different fellow from Michigan, he did make it right in the end and I was very satisfied, He is a very nice guy and am sure he didn't mean to misrepresent to the items I bought. Like I said though in the end he made it right and I wouldnt hesitate to bid on his auctions again.