To Drive or not to Drive?

To Drive or not to Drive

  • Drive ti!!!!

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  • store and keep it safe

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Hey guys. i just picked up a 35th anniversary mint with only 29,000 mi. it was a show car and has all accessories still in bags. The question is i bought it to drive and have fun like it was intended, but i also have reservations on putting a beautifully kept car like this on the road. so i wonder what yall think. Drive and enjoy it or store it?


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That sure is a beauty!

I bought a beautifully kept 95 5-speed several years ago. Not quite like yours, but it is very nice all the same. So nice, I didn't want to drive it or especially park it anywhere routine. I thought I'd just use it for drives to the mountains or ocean.

But it needed driving. Every time I got in it, there was another "thing" that had to be attended to. So I never drove it. I even bought a rather cheap 95 auto for my daily use, and I actually love it.

They need to be driven and appreciated. I hope you don't find that seals leak, gaskets are dry, tires are rotted, etc. Moving parts need to move. Frequently.


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Definitely drive it. Not every day obviously, but it is a car after all, and was made to be driven. Keep it stored for the winters, and don't use it every day, but take it out on weekends, nice days, etc. Doing this, you probably would put at most 5K miles a year on the car, and with 29K on it now, that means it would take 15 years before you have 100K on it, so really the mileage will never be a concern. If you bought the car to enjoy it, this is the best way to do it.


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I see I'm getting the answers I was hoping for :)
And can someone explain why I cant read the member only forum section? It just shows private.


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I agree, these cars don't like sitting, so start it twice a month and put some miles on it every few months. Drive it to car shows when the weather is nice. I'd keep it under a quality car cover, but the Anny cover stays stored too.

That's what I do w/my Anny...owned since 2008, it was a DD up until 2016, has 110k miles now and see less than 500 miles/yr. No joke an SC can break down just sitting. Otherwise, it may depend on how much you paid and how well you can protect it from the elements, etc. With 26k on it, you're more of a custodian than an owner, tho ;)

Nice car, thanks for sharing.

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Drive it, store it, AND keep it safe.

My 1991 SC has not been on a road since early 2015, but I start it every couple months and drive it around the parking lot of the storage unit it was at. I had the head gaskets replaced a few months ago so its really close to being driven again, but I’m glad that I kept cycling fuel, coolant, and oil every couple months.

I just put my 1990 SC in storage, so it’s time for them to switch places.

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Nice purchase! But remember that it has 4 wheels and an engine for a reason ... drive it! Don't worry so much about saving it for the next owner.


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I would get a 2nd set of seats for it though. Once they fall apart or get stained they are garbage.


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Congrats on the buy!!! You have a beauty there!!

Agreed with all above, good luck with everything!