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Looking to trade my 1984 Mustang SVO. Body is very straight, just a few rock dings, there are a couple of rust spots on the hatch (not bad for an 84 if you ask me). The car is all stock apart from (even has the E-3 exhaust manifold) so when I say stock its "stock". It runs great. The stock Air research T3 Spools good to. These "SVOs" are very rare let me put it in perspective for you,

84 Medium Canyon Red SVOs: 984
the car is great on gas.
Runs and drives great (a rarity when it comes to stock SVOs)
odometer reads 46,xxx so I assuming its 146,xxx but I am not exactly sure

Interior is 6-7/10 very clean for a SVO most of the SVOs I have come across have been to hell and back. Also I am very picky when it comes to interior condition so I may be off. Everyone has their own opinion.

Exterior is 6-7/10 very clean for a SVO, the car has been resprayed, it was sitting for a long time, so it will need a good rubbing, and even without it the paint looks good. The rails all along the door windows are rusting, no biggie just paint them. Bi-wing spoiler all there to and looks good.

Car has:
Power windows
Power Locks
Manual Mirrors
Grey SVO cloth seats, Grey Carpet
T5 Speed (which shifts great if I may add)
Air Research T3 Turbo (stock)
Mobil 1 10-30 Full synthetic
K@N HP-2004 (Oil Filter)

Extra parts and extra engine available

You may ask "why on earth would you want to get rid of an SVO? After all it was one of my dream cars. I am thinking I want to get out of 2.3ts ( I have owned 3 of them now, I had an 88 Thunderbird TC pushing 20psi, an Mustang GT Turbo and now this SVO, to say I am knowledgeable about them could be considered an understatement. And pursue something else, I owned a 1990 SC a year or 2 back and I miss it. I will be attending a technical college soon for automotive to learn more about my passion, and I just want to go back to what my SC was, (very clean on the inside and no issues). I don't have the funds to bring this SVO back as of now, so I figure someone else can, it's well worth it. I am willing to sell to, just let me know what you've got this is a testing the waters kind of thing.

Anyway as you may have read, I am really interested in a Thunderbird 5spd SC, preferably a newer one 93-95, where they did the face lift and interior, and I believe they changed the DIS location, the newer ones seem to boast better things, but I am open to all 5spd Thunderbird SC's. I would also consider a very nice SHO 5spd, or a SVT contour, pretty much any ford performance vehicle I would consider. I am a die-hard ford fan, born and raised and that's the way it will stay.

Thanks, Zach

Would Trade for:
GT Mustang
Thunderbird Supercoupe
SVT contour
Thunderbird Turbocoupe
any ford performance vehicle
has to Manual transmission

Let me know a SVO in running and driving condition and looks good is rare in this day. Fun car and it sure is a head turner, pretty fast to boot!

Email or Text 253-495-8675

This last picture was taken by the previous owner, its at least 10 years ago.

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