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I have been waiting over 2 months for front rotors pads and calipers for my car. I tried to give a wake up in the lounge section after waiting and getting no where and now it has come to this.

7-25-09 said money order was ok payment and would have off Sunday:(:(
So I sent him a Postal money order with in a day or two of that
8-8-09 Said he had been busy and would get them out Monday
8-26-09 Said caliper got lost while out of town and would round up the parts and get them to me.
8-27-09 Has next day off will get them to me.
9-14-09 said been busy will make good will get out by Wednesday
9-15-09 who to ship with he asked
9-29-09 No parts no tracking number no reply, saw he was on today and has not responded to my message as to where they are or what the tracking number is or if they even got sent out.

This is "bad" business in the fullest, promises, payment, no part, new promises, no parts and bad communication = BAD SELLER!!

There are two things in this world you don't break for no one. One is your XXXXX the other is your WORD.
If I get my parts great if not well at least you all know, and by the way these parts are for my woman's car.
So if you think I am mad or disappointed she is the one who hasen't driven her SC in over two months, one of the only two good months to drive that car in Wisconsin.:(


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well I didnt wanna do this but he also did me wrong....I was buying some engine parts from him...sent him a money order...he received it...I contacted him to make sure he got his money he replied yes and said would ship parts in a couple of days...well I still havent received my parts...contacted him and he said he was busy but would do it first thing next morning....I guess he didnt cause I havent seen parts as of yet....wont answer my messages anymore...in my books that makes him a bad seller.
I have nothing against him, but I think other people should know about this so it wont happen to them...


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He sent me a message stating he was sorry and said he would send my money back. This was Feb 16, so I'll post an update when I get my money back:) Thanks


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If you sent a US postal Money Order, it is a FEDERAL CRIME to not get the parts you paid for. Contact the USPS with the money order # if you have it and his info, I will GUARANTEE, that when two federal marshalls come knocking on the door, you will get either parts or cash.