upshift light... whats it for in an auto?


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well i got bored and punched it got to 90 and upshift light came on. left off the gas a bit and it shifted then i continued on to roughly 105 mph :)... So what is this light for in an auto?

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same as a stick, to tell you to shift....mine in third gear roughly comes on at 4000rpm...check your owners manual it gives a detailed explanation in fancy words of what exactly the light is telling you.


It tells you to loosen up the gas pedal slightly so the Tranny can shift to OD and the way you go again.... The OD cannot engage while in full throttle, so the upshift light tells you to loosen up a little....


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Mine comes on at about 115mph, if I keep my foot planted the "check engine" light comes on somewhere past 120.

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It's a warning that is triggered by several sensors. After 20 seconds the EEC will pull timing then fuel to protect the engine.

It is not intended to tell you when to shift, it's telling you to let off and allow the tranny to shift to reduce engine rpms.