Vacuum Question


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So I'm converting abs to conventional on my 90 sc 5sp and just had a question the PCV valve on the drivers side where does that vacuum hose connect? I feel like I'm plugging it into the wrong place and was hoping someone else who would know better than I do could tell me where its supposed to connect
Drives side valve cover doesn't have PCV, but if you're talking about the front breather that has a hard plastic line that runs over and connects to the rubber intake hose before the throttle body.

The only PCV valve is on right side V/C under throttle body. The only thing on the left side cover is the fresh air intake which is supplied fresh air by a plastic tube that runs under snout of S/C in the intake valley. Its hooked to the air intake tube between MAF & throttle body, so it only get air metered by the MAF. Not sure what your into with yours? Sounds like a bit of a mess if yours is on left.
makes more sense now there is a pvc on pass side that's connected but the drivers side isn't so since I got the car its had a aftermarket intake tube on that doesn't have a place to connect that line so I wonder now where I should route that too
As noted above, it is supposed to be hooked to rubber air transfer tube that runs between MAF & the throttle body. I believe the port is on the bottom of the tube. It needs to be after the MAF sensor, so that any air drawn into the engine through the crankcase breather is monitored or calulated by the MAF, otherwise it can cause fuel trims to be incorrect & possibly cause some Idle issues &/or a lean condition at part throttle.