Very custom 1995 Opal Frost 5spd for sale. Needs engine work!

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I am posting this for a friend who is in a bit of a bad situation with an SC that I built for his father a few years back. As has been known to happen with these cars, the crankshaft has broken causing unknown engine damage. The owner cannot handle the repair and so he is wanting to sell the car as is to someone capable of fixing it.

This car originally was owned by a member in the Philly area and is known to many of you on this board. It started out as a very clean 95 5spd, I forget the mileage, but I want to say around 70K when it came to SCUI for a complete makeover. You can find detailed pictures of the build on the SuperCoupes Unlimited FB page. It's a clean chassis, but as is typical of the Opal Frost color, it has been repainted. While it was at my shop it had the GFx added and stripe painted on. It's a very nice job, but there are a couple flaws here and there.

The car had around $30K invested in it from start to finish. I'll list the things I can remember:

- The GFx package + custom paint.
- The black tweed seats front and rear - we sourced the actual OE fabric to redo the door inserts and speaker grills to match exactly.
- Pioneer Navigation, DVD flip out screen, component 6.5" door speakers, something nice in the rear (can't remember exactly), reinforced rear deck lid with 2 12" subs mounted free air and a big 5 channel amp to run it all. A bunch of dynamat.
- Can't remember what alarm system it has, but it's a DEI, nothing cheap.
- Custom Boyd 18" wheels, staggered offset, 8" fronts, 9.5" rears, tires to match. I think the wheels were nearly $2k alone due to the custom black powdercoat and offsets, etc.
- 13" Cobra front brakes, 11.65 Cobra rear, 4.25" bolt pattern. Stainless lines.
- Pretty sure it has Addco 1.125" rear sway bar.
- Bilstein shocks all around (yes the correct ones that used to be sold for the Tbird), with Vogtland 3/4" drop springs.
- MP complete performance package as you can see in the pictures, 24% OD, MPX, etc.
- Griffin Extra high capacity radiator with pusher and puller fans.
- 60lb injectors, matching MAF, fuel pump, tune, etc. Car made 340rwhp on conservative 91 octane pump gas street tune.
- Transmission was rebuilt with I believe carbon fiber blockers, Ripper shifter, and CFDFII clutch.
- Engine was rebuilt with stock pistons, Stage 1 heads/cam. Typical stuff, BHJ balancer, roller rockers, etc.
- Full stainless exhaust with Magnaflow cats, resonator, and mufflers.

That's all I can remember. Pictures tell the rest, ask if you have any further questions. He is asking $5800 for quick sale, local pickup only. This car is a complete steal for anyone in California having the ability to haul it home and put a shortblock in it. PM me for contact info.

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The car also has the Indiglo gauge faces and the 3 pillar gauge pod with WB02, water temp and oil pressure (I think). As you can see the engine bay was detailed with lots of chrome and polished bits. If it weren't in CA I'd probably be fixing it here at my shop but the logistics are difficult, hence the effort for a quick sale on an exceptional car.



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I am very interested but need to figure logistics for transport to south Texas. Where exactly is it located?

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Someone seriously needs to get this car. It's a rare color, it's packed with upgrades, and it's super nice no matter how you look at it. I nearly bought it myself other than I have WAY too many SC's here needing work already.

It's silly to pass this up!!