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Hey everyone I just heard some very sad news. I recieved word yesterday that Victor of Spinning wheels SC one of our long time members, friend and a vendor to the SC platform has passed away. I know he hasnt been around much lately and im assuming his health has been poor. I know he meant alot to many of us and he will be missed dearly. If anyone has more information on his services family etc. please let us know.
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I'm sad to her about this. :( Victor was a well known SC enthusiast and long time supplier/vendor for the SC community.
He will be missed.. RIP Victor Malvar.


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That is sad news. Victor (and Diane) helped keep my SC on the road, something I'm thankful for every time I turn the key. RIP.


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Really sad to hear the news. I just discovered SpinningWheels SC on eBay earlier this year and had a good customer experience.


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I never got a chance to talk to Victor. My loss.
My condolences to Diane and the family.
RIP Victor. You will be missed.


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A loss to the SC community indeed.

Very sad to hear this news. I had worked quite a bit with Victor a few years ago. He was very passionate about the SC and he truly was locked onto the concept of getting the most out of these platforms. RIP Victor. :(

David Neibert

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FYI....Victor's wife, Diane Malvar will be continuing to offer support to the SC community and will be keeping Spinning Wheels SC open. Their website is currently down.
To get in touch with Diane you can either call 352-209-4349 or email

Thanks, David


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They have items on ebay so if you send a message to them through one of the listings you might get some contact info.