Vogtland 3/4" to 1" lowering springs


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Is it really necessary to do any other changes to accommodate the springs. Some people say no other changes are necessary while others say the ARC would be affected and it would need a realignment. I have lowered other cars without the extra steps and they have turned out fine. Any thoughts on your experience.

Tim Groth

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I've lowered all my cars and doing so has had no impact to the ARC shocks. An alignment is suggested.



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No, it will not affect your alignment if all your suspension bushings ball joints etc are in good shape.
As Tim says you should have it checked .


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The suspension is in good shape. Were you happy with the lowering or did you find it was too low and did it affect the ride much?

90SC MyWay

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I lowered my (me original owner but sold it 2 years ago with an insane low 14,000 original miles on it) '90 SC 5 speed using Eibach springs. Sorry I do not remember if it was 1 inch or 1 1/2, pretty sure 98% certain it was 1 1/2 inch. The springs were progressive so it did not change the ride quality at all. It did not affect the Auto Ride Control struts/shocks. You will need to have an alignment done as the camber resting place will change a little. Photo shows what 1 1/2 lowering looks like with factory tires/wheels.20211029_093856.jpg

90SC MyWay

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Nice looking car! Do you regret selling it? I like the spoiler.
Yours looks as shinny as mine! I don't (yet) regret selling but I do miss it. It would have been a better feeling if I sold for at least what I paid for it (and I could have) but I did not want to deal with haggling. I stopped the yearly reg. around 2014, drove it around the block a few times each year after that for a few years, then only started it up a few times after that. It then just sat in the garage for almost 3 years without being started. This is when I decided I will never want to drive it around and risk it getting damaged/vandalized. So I put it up for sale here and just about gave it away. The person who bought it has changed the fluids, put new tires on it (yes the original ones were still on it) and he now has a like new showroom condition car. He said it drives perfectly. The rear deck spoiler is from an '85 Trans Am. I think it fits the car even better than the factory ones that came out a fews years latter. Here are some photos of the wing for you, they were taken right before I sold it. The link is the posting I did when I sold it.


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