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I will keep in touch in case you want to caravan down. I have Dave Sabados's old car in my driveway though the performance parts are long gone.
It's back to stock. I finished the front mount and them somebody made me a good offer so I sold it. It was not running well so I had to take it apart. Finally runs but still has a few issues.
Head gaskets are still good. And despite being stock it still feels stronger than my 90 tbird 5 speed. It is a freak
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My baby has been back on the road now for about 6 months with a transmission from a donor car that I bought for $100. Donor went off road and had some body damage but the mechanical and interior were great. Spare rims, sunroof, black leather interior, motor with new heads, 70mm throttlebody, air conditioning, and a whole lot of other useful parts. My garage looks like a SC parts depot.
hi all

Here at FT Lewis, Wa area, Just retired with the US Army of 24 years on Dec 2013 and currently a college student here at JBLM.;) I have a 1990 SC, 1995 Lincoln LSC Mark VIII, red in color. Feel free to drop me a line if your in the area. theuncanny101@gmail.com or 6507221238. Im also on TCCOA under bgck7, coming from California and relocated here in the milton/Federal way area.

I remember heading to some meetings back in 2002 area. Castle fun park cruise etc.

Back then a dude name miles had a 75shot on his car I believe and it was into the 12s if I recall.