What do you put in your center console ash tray?

What do you put in your center console ash tray?

  • Cigarette butts

    Votes: 18 12.2%
  • Spare change

    Votes: 53 36.1%
  • Garbage

    Votes: 5 3.4%
  • Something else

    Votes: 34 23.1%
  • Nothing

    Votes: 37 25.2%

  • Total voters


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I have two gauges intake temp before and after intercooler, its attached to the lid so that it angles up when it opens. Very tight fit. Nicer looking then ciggarette butts


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NOS ashtray!

No, I'M a wierdo; I don't put anything at all in mine. I have an NOS tray, and it's all nice and shiney and perfect, and I don't want to scuff it all up. How anal is that?!?... : )


I would love to find an NOS ashtray!:D
You don't happen to know where I could find one,
or maybe a part number for it?

Jeff Parker


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Here's what I did:



that is sweet!

Kurt K

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Where did you get those nice little labels?? That looks really nice.
That's actually photographic aluminum that is .003 thick and stuck to a thicker backing plate. I used to work for a place that designed test equipment and we had to make labled enclosures all the time. I used some of the extra space on a print to make my switch plate artwork and then cut it out on a CNC machine. :cool:


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That has got to be the mod that has stood the test of time best. Raised tops are played now, 75mm Bullet MAF's are old, no one cares about a ZR intakes or Cobra R's, but that switch plate is still the catz azz, what....12 years later? :)