What do you put in your center console ash tray?

What do you put in your center console ash tray?

  • Cigarette butts

    Votes: 18 12.2%
  • Spare change

    Votes: 53 36.1%
  • Garbage

    Votes: 5 3.4%
  • Something else

    Votes: 34 23.1%
  • Nothing

    Votes: 37 25.2%

  • Total voters
That has got to be the mod that has stood the test of time best. Raised tops are played now, 75mm Bullet MAF's are old, no one cares about a ZR intakes or Cobra R's, but that switch plate is still the catz azz, what....12 years later? :)
Yep, I think it was about 12 years ago that I installed that switch panel in my car.
Nice!! They look perfect

That's actually photographic aluminum that is .003 thick and stuck to a thicker backing plate. I used to work for a place that designed test equipment and we had to make labled enclosures all the time. I used some of the extra space on a print to make my switch plate artwork and then cut it out on a CNC machine. :cool:
About 75 cents in quarters in case I ever need to feed a parking meter. I need it about once every 4 years. It's good to have when you need it. Plus other spare change. A jump drive (USB flash drive) with music on it for my non stock stereo. A paper clip to reset the oil change warning light. For those who don't have it, there's a tiny hole it fits in. You have to turn the key on and insert the end of a straightened paper clip for a few seconds. It resets when you do that.
A tiny allen wrench. Sometimes I need to remove the rear view mirror. Maybe to wash the windshield. At least twice it was to re-glue the mounting bracket.
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The cables for my wideband and quarterhorse come out of mine. I pulled the tray itself out i can open it pull my cables out to datalog/tune then put them back in and close it when im done :)
I remember on my cougar I had 4 switches in mine as well. Mine wasn't as neet as Kurts. One was for neon lights inside, another was for the under glow kit, another for electric fan as car stock had a metal fan that rotated with the pulleys, and last switch I think I added a window on/off switch. I will try to find some pics of that.

For my Supercoupe, I have nothing in there but this thread makes me want to do switches again or something cool.
I largely leave trim screws, blown fuses, razor blades, and mystery nuts/bolts in my ashtray.

I also like sticking my iPhone in the spot under where my radio is supposed to go.