Wheels are no longer available.


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Wheels are no longer available.

Thanks for all the inquiries about them.



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Just in case you don't get any interest.....is it possible that you would sell them? I would definitely be interested if the price was right.

Good luck with your trade tho....I'm sure you'll find someone....I'd trade, but I have a 93 and my factory wheels are not in the best of condition.



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I have a set of 96/97 sport wheels in pretty good shape I'd be willing to trade. Only problems are one wheel has a small spot of curb rash, and the center caps are not that great.


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If you haven't worked out a deal yet I will gladly trade you the stock 16x7's off of my mint '95 SC. They are near perfect! I even have 2 extra I may be able to throw in for a total of 6.Please let me know and we'll work something out.