Whos planing on trappin over 130 this year.


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Alll these cages and big shots and twin screws and fuel cells and 4in intakes, teee fiddy 6's, and QH's. Figured we'd start the list here;)

EDIT: or 140+
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"Who's planing on trappin over 130 this year."

I've already trapped over 45 raccoons on my porch this year.....:p


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I think Chris did it at 126 but that was a 10.80 ish i think. so 10.99 could be 122 is im sure.

At the Shootout I ran a best of 11.33@124 so go figure. I have improved on the 60 ft's, 1.65 at the Shootout to 1.53 on the 11.15 run. Also at the Shootout I was running 28" tall slicks and on the 11.15 run I was using a set of 27" tall slicks, could have something to do with it.

David Neibert

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A tenth at the front end is worth two tenths at the other end. Who cares about mph, it all about time baby.............:p

I was thinking the same thing, just hate giving up the MPH. Won't really know until getting the cars on the track. First one to race this year is the turbo car on April 10th at the KY Horsepower spring shootout. If I don't destroy the tranny again, this is the car I'm bringing to the Shootout.



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well technically you could move to the next round with a slower time, if you run against someone like zimmerly who sleeps at the tree.