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Been dragging my heals, but getting closer. Need to swap the wiring harnesses, unfortunately. Wish they hadn't cut the main connectors off. One thing I noticed is the original engine I pulled out, has a pilot bushing, and the new engine has a needle bearing pilot. The clutch was replaced not long ago on the original engine. Was a needle style input shaft bearing factory? The new engine has been pre-oiled, and almost ready to go back in. Need to clean up the engine bay first, though.

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The transmission shop must have replaced the factory pilot bearing with a bushing, when they did the clutch. Even my 1985 Mustang GT had a needle bearing.
Ya, dump that solid bushing , go full bearing .
If you don't have a puller, get a rod that will just fit into the hole , pack grease into the bushing hole first then put the rod in and give it a tap with a hammer , it should push the bushing out pretty easily ... " should " .
That's the original engine out of the 89 SC, that has the bushing. It has a rod knock. The new engine came with a needle bearing already in the crank.
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After over 12 years sitting, my 89 oxford white, 5 spd. is running. The engine I installed might not have run for 30 years, but sounds great. I am filling the cooling system in one picture. Earlier I bled the air out of the power steering system, using the starter. The other picture is after running a while. The more it ran, the better it got. Seems tight when you shut it off, like a newer engine. Now I have to clean up this crusty looking bird, and get it on the road.


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Yes congrats, but you said it was going to be a winter project, your done & it doesn't officially start until Dec21st.. Your plan now for winter is to get the rest of the car road ready for 2023?
Well, still a few time consuming issues to deal with, like cleaning up years of baked on pollen, and green crap off the the paint. I did a spot with some citrus cleaner, and water, and it cleaned up nice, and the paint was fine. I am going to pump down the A/C system, and see if it can hold a vacuum, for week or so, before I replace the Accumulator. The interior is in good condition, and stayed dry, after all these years. The headlight delay thumbwheel is jammed at max on time, but that's no big deal. I still have my 1990 SC auto, that I have owned since 1995. Has 168K miles, and never has had head gaskets, so I might sell it later.....maybe.
Here is a quick update on my resurrected 89 SC. After taking it on a few test drives, it shifts, and drives well. One problem is the power fell off abruptly when getting into boost. I did a fuel injector cleaning with Motorcraft PM-5 power flush injector fluid, mixed half and half with gas. I've always had good luck with this process, using my OTC 7448A set-up. I also cleaned the MAF, but it didn't look dirty. Another test run, and it now runs hard. The brake master will be getting an accumulator ball, and I am going for another test run, to see if the "antilock light" goes off, after cleaning the main valve connector, for a abs code 21. Here is a picture of this beauty! :)


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An update on my 89 SC 5 spd. A before, and after picture. Still needs lot's of detailing/buffing, etc. The engine continued to fall on it's face under load, after you drove it a few miles, but always ran fine at first. After a testing, and seeing that it was going full lean, I replaced the fuel pump assembly, and cleaned out the tank. A got a glass guy to cut out the rear glass at a auto wrecker, and later install it at my shop. Nice job, and price, at a total of $230, including tip.:). The right rear axle outer CV boot slid back on the axle, and was spitting out grease. I re-clamped it, but I will need to replaced the boot at sometime. I flushed out the brake system, and pushed the caliper pistons in, and out. Also got a new Hydac accumulator ball. Fixed a few small things, like the headlight delay switch, and re-glued the mirror to the windshield. New tires, and license cost more $$ than the whole project so far. There is more to the story, as I've decided to drop the oil pan, to check the bearings. Yes, my "Mystery Engine", as I'm finding out, has a short, but dark past. To be continued.....

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