WTB: 1989-1990 Front License Plate Bracket E9SZ-17A385-B


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I want to buy a 1989-1990 front license plate bracket for my Supercoupe. TBSC shop is out of stock, but I asked for them to notify me when one is available (might be waiting a while because I've been re-checking their website for over 6 months now and they still haven't gotten one yet).

I need one for my 1990 Supercoupe that is in Wisconsin (front license plate state). It's bumper cover does NOT have SC embossed on it and it has holes for the bracket anyways.

Part number: E9SZ-17A385-B


I would really prefer that 1989 one over the 1991-1995 one (link below), but let me know if you have one of these anyways and I'll at least think about it.

Thanks in advance,
-Rick Leuce


pro street rich

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I should have one

Let me look, I should have one for you. I will look when I get back home from my trip. talk to you this coming week..../Rich

pro street rich

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have one in my hand

I have multiple SC coupes that are moving to Wisconsin. I would be willing to buy a couple.

I got one out of my pile of stuff for you. I should have a couple more as well but I got to look for them. I do have this one sitting on my desk for you so let me know how you want to go forward from here. Best plan is to P.M. me for the details. All mounting holes are 100% good as well...