WTB Under Hood Automatic Light Switch and associated 2-pin Connector


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Hey all,

In need of the Automatic Switch that the underhood lamp plugs into as well as the wire harness connector that plugs into it if possible.
This is the one that shines light on the engine bay when you lift the hood.

The one on my 1990 35th Anniversary burned up mysteriously and started blowing fuses.

Please shoot me a price shipped to Huntsville, AL 35824 if you have one.
Payment by PayPal is preferable but I can also send a check.

TwoTimeSC (Paul Protos)


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That's it but just a little more than I wanted to spend. If all else fails, I'll get that one!

Thanks for the help, Adam!


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$25 including postage. You just want the switch right?
Hey Dave,
I ended up finding a place online that had the switch, connector, and complete harness yesterday so no longer need one.
The damn thing was somehow shorted, causing an interior fuse to blow.

Thanks for the offer.